When A Soldier Doesn’t Come Home


When A Soldier Doesn’t Come Home

When a soldier doesn’t come home again,
There’s so much that’s left undone;
Like the strings of your heart all tied around
A wonderful daughter or son.

And, where are the grandchildren, promised by God,
To be blessings in later life,
The fellowship of the families born
Because of the love in your life?

When a soldier doesn’t come back again,
When the ultimate price is paid,
And you can’t make a trip to see the spot
Where your beloved was laid ...

When your heart hovers down, flat on the ground,
And you see that familiar wave;
Then, you feel, in your heart, "Attention!"
And you understand freedom’s high pay.

It’s a beautiful sight when the flag flies high;
With it’s colors of red, white, and blue.
But, the flag brings a different feeling
When it’s folded ... and handed to you.

I know it’s only a bit of cloth.
But, the emblem of freedom is there
And it ONLY flies in the blue of the skies;
For the price paid by someone who cared.

It’s almost as if a familiar wave
From someone, you love, can been seen.
Somehow they're a part of the stars and stripes
That wave o’er the land ... still free!

Oh, flag of our land, beautiful and true,
Oh, flag! Fly forever, and free!
When I see the waves of our beautiful flag,
I know that it’s flying for me!
© 2004 by Joan Clifton Costner

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