Prayer For Our Soldiers


Prayer For Our Soldiers

Dear Father in Heaven, we come today, to the throne of grace and peace, bringing our beloved sons and daughters before you, those serving in far away lands and right here in our own country. Lord, we know they are homesick and worried, and hungry for just a look at the people they love. Comfort their hearts and touch also the heart of those who miss their certain ways, their step, their smile. We

pray You will keep them safe from enemies of freedom and out of harm's way. There are wives, children, mothers and fathers with an emptiness inside, Lord, and we pray for them. Let them feel the touch of your presence as You pass by.

If we could pass a blessing

to them, Lord, like the patriarchs of old blest their children we would not be able to stop, but do bless,

sweet Lord, do keep them

in the hollow of your hand.

Bring them home again, dear Lord, to a land that is still free and where Your Name is

honored, because they gave

the best of themselves for us. Bring them home saying,

"This is my own, my native land!" Let them be met by

honor and dignity and arms that hold them in love.

In Jesus precious Name,


Joan Clifton Costner


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