4th of July Ideas

4th of July Ideas from 2011:
Well I'm doing what I love to do every year.  Some 4th of July making!.  Just love it. Maybe it is the red, white, and blue color scheme, my patriotic heart, or just the fact that so much of this day is spent eating and casually entertaining!  Mmmm...fooooood.
So I thought it would be fun to share last year's projects with you.
These little Mason Jar "Sippy Cups" hold the grand title of being the single most popular project on my blog.  My only regret is not using some striped paper straws to style the photographs. But they are still kinds of adorable. You can check out the full tutorial here
I also upgraded these cups and used plastic paper for the girl's birthday party last year.  That way, you don't worry about making the paper wet.  Check these out here.

And these are actually for grown ups and older kids.  
Not really meant for little ones to carry glass and slosh around lemonade with paper lids.
This was another popular one from last year. I adore these Sparkler Cupcake Picks!  LOOOVE THEM!  They are so simple and easy and they look just like little sparklers.  I also give you a full tutorial for these.
During the series, I showed different ways to use a bandana. This particular one was my favorite wrapping a pie and sliding a pie server in the knot. Isn't it just so sweet?
I am by no means a "go to" source for food but these berry ice cubes make a fun little treat for your lemonade.  Try to find some star shaped ice cube trays to make it extra fun.
Or some star shaped sugar cookies to make ice cream sandwiches. Just sandwich some ice cream between two cookies and dip sides into red, white, and blue sprinkles.

Hope you liked a little blast from the past.  I hope to start sharing this year's ideas with you sometime this week.

Until then...
Lots of hugs and hope your summer is off to a wonderful start!

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