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Patriotic Wreath

Patriotic Wreath:
From the FloraCraft Make It: Fun Blog.
Memorial Day is a day for remembering those who have laid their lives in the nation’s service. Memorial Day has become an occasion for more general expressions of memory, as people visited the graves of their deceased relatives in church cemeteries, whether they had served in the military or not. Memorial Day has also become a popular time for family reunions and get togethers. It also became a long weekend increasingly devoted to shopping, family gatherings, fireworks, trips to the beach, and parades. One of the ways you can celebrate is making patriotic this Patriotic Wreath.

FloraCraft Foam:
Other Materials:
1. Start by marking out your pattern on the wreath form using the black marker. Mark each section with a “B” for blue, “W” for white and “R” for red. The blue section should be approximately ¼ of the wreath, as shown. The red and white sections are approximately 4″ each and alternate around the remainder of the wreath.
2. Cut the felt into 3″ squares. These do not have to be perfect squares.
3. Use the “Tuck” tool to push the center of the squares about ½ inch deep into the wreath, following the color pattern you have drawn. Continue tucking in the fabric squares about a ½” apart to completely cover the front and sides of the wreath. The back can remain uncovered to lay flat against the door or wall. Tip: Remove felt from wreath, add low-temp glue to the hole and re-insert the felt using the “Tuck” tool for a permanent hold.

4. Print and cut out the star template with scissors and attach to the foam sheet using pins.  Using the “Scribe” tool, trace around the template pressing a guideline into the foam.

Click link for star template
5. Using the “Cut” tool, cut out the star shape from the foam using a sawing motion. Once the star is cut out, use the “Shape” tool to sand the edges smooth, if necessary. Repeat for 3 stars.

6. Apply a generous amount of StyroGlue to each star, and cover the front and sides completely with using the paint brush. Before glue is dry, cover with glitter. Let dry.
7. Insert a toothpick into the wreath, about half way, where you would like the star to be placed. Add a generous amount of low-temp glue to the back the star and press down onto the other half of the toothpick. Be sure that the toothpick does not poke through the front of the star. Hold for approximately 10 seconds for the glue to adhere to the felt. Repeat for each star.
8. Make a loop with the ribbon and attach to the back of the wreath using low-temp glue and pins to secure.

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