Freedom ~ Joan Clifton Costner

“Men will cry, “Peace, Peace!”, but there is no peace….”


There can be no freedom
As long as tyrants rage.
No man can truly live, as free,
While terrorist engage
In any action that
Will chill the gentle blood
And bring death and destruction
To those we cherish ~ love.

So, shall we let the heathen rage,
Go on planning evil,
Live in fear and bondage;
Dancing to their frenzied revel?

First, bow our heads. For, there is One
Who loves peace and freedom most,
Then, brings our singers to the front.
Our flag and banners boast
Of freedom ringing through the land
And holding out a helping hand;
Of setting free - supplying needs
Until our neighbor bravely sings,
"I’m Free!"
And, once again we learn, so well,
That fact that only experience tells.
'Freedom is NOT Free!'
© 2003 by Joan Clifton Costner

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