I'm Your Flag - By: Teryl E. Williamson, Pewaukee

I'm Your Flag

Teryl E. Williamson, Pewaukee,
Wisconsin on September 14, 2001

I was born of a people, who refused a corrupt king,
Instead they chose America to do their own thing.
I'm Your Flag
First put together from thread and old cloth,
I came into this world through Betsy Ross.
I'm Your Flag
Over the years I've flown so serene.
Yet I've served in the worst battles you've ever seen.
I'm Your Flag
I've been saluted, I've been burned,
Veterans have carried me, as all heads turned.
I'm Your Flag
I've served in the rain, I've served in the snow,
You've never asked twice, I was ready to go.
I'm Your Flag
I've flown at events where people have cried,
You've seen me drape the caskets of those who died.
I'm Your Flag
Now a new challenge awaits us all,
And a new generation must meet the call.
I'm Your Flag
As always, I'll be with you charging into the fray,
Take heart fellow Americans, we will not stray
I'm Your Flag
From the beginning until today, I've stood for freedom
without any sway, so grab the torch and hold it high,

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